Fall Home Decor Inspiration

Fall is officially upon us this week, and we’re starting to turn more toward warmer hues, varied textures, and cozy touches when it comes to our home décor. Welcome the new season by adding some snug, inviting nods to fall throughout your home. Here are some themes and styles that are inspiring us this month.

Bringing the outdoors in
After the abundance of beautiful summertime weather and the long days spent in the sun, being indoors more during the fall can be less than heartening. Bring the outdoors in to keep that fresh, vibrant feeling alive while also embracing the unique hues of the new season. Forage in your own backyard for leaves and branches in eye-catching colours, then arrange them in a vase or as a table centerpiece for a simple and elegant touch. Wreaths and floral arrangements are also great options.

Embracing textures

The papery-fine feeling of a dry leaf, the crackling of leaves underfoot, the comfy warmth of a wool sweater on your shoulders… these are some of the vibrant textures of autumn. Bring warmth and coziness into your home this fall by adding accents that are reminiscent of the season.

Celebrating colour
One of our favourite things about the fall season is the stunning array of colours. The show the leaves put on each year as they turn from green to red, orange, yellow and brown just never seems to get old, and the warm hues of the season inspire us endlessly. Bring them into your home’s décor with zesty pops of colour in cushions, rugs, throws, dishes and more.

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