New Home Resolutions Worth Making

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Maybe the New Year is when you commit to exercise more, quit smoking or spend more time with your family. The New Year provides a fresh opportunity for making positive changes in our lives, and the feeling of a clean slate is always motivating. We approach New Year’s resolutions just the same as we do goals – and at Brookfield Residential, we’re a huge fan of goal-setting as it’s the best way to make our dreams tangible and to follow through on our greatest desires.

In the spirit of self-improvement – of streamlining and upgrading our lives – we’d like to propose some resolutions that you can apply to your new home. We believe these new home resolutions are worth making, as they’ll make the phrase “home sweet home” ring truer than ever in 2019. Here are our favourite new home resolutions:

Upgrade your organization

Let’s face it, whether you’re a 9-to-5’er, an entrepreneur or a stay-at-home parent, life is hectic. There’s so much to juggle on a daily basis – work, family, kids, pets, school, time for oneself, maintaining your home, friendships, health and wellness, personal finances and so much more. Having a home that’s organized, with a designated place for every item, will automatically make you feel refreshed and more clear-minded than ever. It’s true that our environment affects – and reflects – our emotional and psychological well-being, so take some time this year for decluttering and organizing.

Embracing minimalism can help here. We’re not talking about an uber-modern, minimalist aesthetic but rather about streamlining your belongings so that everything in your home serves a purpose or brings you joy. Clear out the clutter and adopt a Marie Kondo-style attitude to purging – if it’s not either useful or beautiful, it’s got to go! Keep only those items that bring you joy or that you just couldn’t live without. Donate the things you don’t need anymore to charity or give them away. The feeling of relief when you’re finished, and when your home is optimally organized, will be totally worth it.

Ensure your family’s safety

Routine safety tasks – such as making sure that your fire alarm has fresh batteries and is in good working order – tend to fall to the wayside with our busy lifestyles. Take some time this January to check your home’s fire alarm(s), carbon monoxide detector and any other alarm systems to ensure they’re working properly. It’s also a good idea to clean out dryer vents and ducts (as accumulated lint presents a fire hazard), to check basements and bathrooms for mould, and to ensure that outdoor lights are in good working order.

If you’re living in an older home, it’s also advisable to check your basement for radon. You can get an affordable testing kit at Home Depot or your local hardware store.

Choose a fun home improvement project

You may already have something in mind here – a project that you’ve been meaning to get done for some time that will improve your experience at home. Maybe it’s upgrading your backyard with a garden so that you can grow some fresh herbs, or painting and decorating that spare bedroom so that you can invite out-of-town guests over for a weekend visit. Maybe it’s a more straightforward DIY project, like creating a welcoming entryway station at your front door or bringing more plants into your home. Whatever will brighten your life on a daily basis or create lasting value is worth doing – so set a goal and make it happen!

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