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Commonly Asked Questions

When will my appointment be scheduled?

Upon firm up you will be notified by the Inspiration Studio to proceed with your structural requests. Your appointment will be scheduled based on your closing date and our digging schedule. Even though you may not be closing until a later date we may still dig your basement in advance.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Brookfield Residential suggests that you visit the Inspiration Studio at least twice before you appointment by a scheduled browsing appointment. There are a lot of selections to choose from and may be overwhelming to leave it for your appointment time.

How long is my studio appointment?

The appointment for you colour selections should take approximately 3 hours and there is usually two appointments a day. If you have not completed during this time frame then you would need to schedule a second appointment to finalize.

Who do I contact if I have questions prior to my appointment?

You may contact the Inspiration Studio Coordinator on 905-948-5031 and they will assign you to a consultant who will address your questions.

When is payment required?

Payment is required at time of signing your documents. You may make a payment by visa, debit or cheque. You may also add a payment to the purchase price by revising your amendment.

Why can’t I have an evening or weekend appointment?

Our Inspiration Studio is open during regular business hours. The appointments run 3-4 hours at a time taking most afternoon appointments to early evening. If there are questions pertaining to your lot we would have staff on hand to answer questions during your appointment and complete your file in a timely manner without an additional appointment. Your appointment is one on one with our consultant without interruption.

Why can’t I change my mind after I have completed my appointment?

Our system is set up that once the paperwork is approved the change orders are automatically sent to the trades. It is difficult to change your selections after this point which then introduces the potential for errors to occur. To avoid disappointment we do not allow changes and to also keep you house on track for its proper closing date.

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