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There are two types of carpet available through Brookfield homes; Cut pile also known as Saxony or Berber. Cut pile is the most popular and comes in a variety of materials such as: polyester, nylon and wool. It is heat treated to make the fibres stand upright and then twisted. Berber consists of loop pile construction and is often seen as having a pattern. It is good for use in high traffic areas. It has visable seams and patterns may not always line up. It is susceptible to fraying in long lines especially when cut around staircase pickets. Polyester carpet tends to become matted when used in a high volume area. It may melt or burn with high heat. Liquids are inclined to sit on the surface rather than being absorbed. Nylon is consider one of the toughest materials for carpet and should not show signs of wear and tear. It is more for forgiving when resetting furniture marks usually disappear with vacuuming.



Corian® is a non-porous, solid surface, acrylic material made by DuPont. It is repairable and renewable. While Corian® is heat and scratch resistant, it is neither heat nor scratch proof.  It is highly recommended that heat trivets and cutting boards be used.  With proper cleaning, Corian® also resists the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Corian® is easy to maintain and will give you many years of use and beauty. It has a 10 year Residential Limited Warranty that is transferable in the event you sell your home.



Good kitchen design includes the proper balance of esthetics and utility. Esthetics is largely a matter of personal choice and 'fit' within the overall style of your home. Factors to consider include finish colour, door style, wood species and hardware style, which brought together correctly, will define your personal style. Magazines are a good source of ideas for current style and colour trends and to get ideas flowing. Perusing magazines will help you decide which style best suites you, whether it is Contemporary, Traditional, Country or Transitional, to name a few. In terms of utility, it's important to pay attention to things such as dishwasher placement and doors versus drawers (Drawers offer better storage capacity and ergonomics!). Also, consider your needs for trash / recycling containers, pullouts and utensil storage. Making effective use of the choices available will give you a kitchen that is both beautiful and efficient!


Natural Stone vs Engineered Stone

The most popular question asked by consumers is, what is the difference between natural stone and engineered stone?  There are obvious visual characteristics between the two materials.  Natural stone is classic and unique, where quartz is typically contemporary and consistent. Natural stone is a timeless art.  No two pieces are the same.  To some, natural stone can appear to have flaws.  While others who understand that these so called flaws are actually characteristics and are typically found in natural stone.  For example: shading, veining and fissures - a form of crack that has no stone content and usually filled with clear resin. Engineered stone on the other hand is a combination of natural stone with adhesive binders processed together to form a final product.  The consistency in appearance is much greater than of natural stone simply because it is man-made.


Why choose Hardwood?

Hardwood is a wonderful choice for your new home for so many reasons. Since it is a natural product, each piece is completely unique and never replicated. Unlike other flooring options, hardwood comes from a natural resource; today’s forests are carefully managed to ensure continued resources in the future. There are a few different types of hardwood flooring such as engineered or hand scraped, but once installed you cannot tell what the core construction is, these types of hardwood products offer added benefit of more stability. Choosing which type of hardwood will depend on your home and installation needs. Hardwood from Vintage Hardwood Flooring comes in several widths ranging from 3 1/2” to 12”. One of the advantages of engineered hardwood flooring is its versatility by being sanded down and recoated several times and as hardwood ages, it gains character. Hardwood flooring will add much greater value to a home and increases in value with the home. In fact homes with hardwood floors hold their value better, sell faster, and fetch higher prices. Most homebuyers prefer hardwood over other floor coverings and are very easy to maintain and is the preferred choice for people with allergies. There are so many types of hardwood, from domestic species right in our back yard like Red Oak and Canadian Maple to more exotic species such as Jatoba or Brazilian Mahogany. When adding stain colours to over 20 different species offered by Vintage, there are hundreds of colour choices available.